Free Assessment Form – Find out if you are Eligible to Migrate to Australia

Migration to Australia is based on a fair and unbiased points system. Those who are interested in migrating have to score a minimum of 60 at the time of submitting Expression of Interest. You can check your score by using visa assessment calculator.

The points are usually calculated based on 4 different criteria –
·         Candidate’s age
·         Educational qualifications
·         Relevant work experience
·         Proficiency in English language

It is quite easy to find out ones score by using services of reputable immigration consultants such as Visa Assured. Good immigration consultants have the knowledge to be able to submit your details to a free assessment form which will help you in your decision making.

Australia –types of PR visa

The 3 types of visa that allow Indians to migrate to Australia include -
·         Skilled Independent Visa 189
·         Skilled Sponsored/Nominated Visa 190
·         Regional Sponsor or family provisional visa 489

How to migrate to Australia

There are several eligibility criteria for migrating to Australia. We outline a brief summary of the process.

·         The applicant must be less than 50 years of age.

·         IELTS certification is required which is proof of English language proficiency.
·         The applicant must have a credible skill assessment authority assess his/her skills.
·         If they are applying via the 190 visa they must have a nomination from the federal government or any of the territorial governments.

·         They have to select an occupation from the Skilled Occupations List.

·         Submission of an Expression of Intent to the Australian immigration authorities is required. This can be done online.

·         They must score more than 60 points in the points-based system based on key factors like age, educational qualifications, occupation and skill set, relevant work experience.
Those who are able to satisfy the above set of parameters receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Australia.


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