Canadian Experience Class – Easy Way to Settle in Canada after a year of work

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration program that allows people who have been working in Canada for at least a year to be permanent residents. The government of Canada recognizes the large number of talented workers already working in Canada and wants them to become permanent residents. These are people and families who have put down roots in Canada and made plans for the future. Canadian Experience Class processing time is less than that required for other skilled migration programs.

CEC – a category of Express Entry
Unlike before from 2015 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC has made Canadian Experience Class (CEC) a part of Express Entry Program or EEP. In addition to Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) are also a part of EEP. The EEP evaluates every candidate based on educational qualifications, age, relevant work experience, English skills as tested through IELTs. The score is created through Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS

1.       It is here that Canadian Experience Class (CEC) has a large advantage. Since the candidates belonging to CEC have an experience of a year of working in Canada they are allowed extra points which puts them in an advantageous position.

2.       Canadian Experience Class (CEC) also requires less documentation than FSWP or FSTP. This makes it possible for applications to be processed inside 3 – 4 months compared to about 6 months for those applying under FSWP.

3.       Those who apply under CEC are not required to show proof of funds as is required from FSWP and FSTP candidates.

CEC requirements

All CEC candidates must have completed at least 12 months of full time employment in Canada. This experience cannot be more than 3 years old. The experience has to have happened on a valid work permit and the skills must be part of occupations list. CEC candidates have to meet the same test of proficiency in English through IELTs exam. If the profession is NOC 0 or A then they require a CLB 7 score in IELTs.


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