Canada PR – How to Settle in Canada with a Permanent Visa in Few Steps

Canada is one of the most favored destinations for skilled workers from India to migrate to. Every year thousands of Indians secure Canada PR from India.

Canada is a wealthy First World country which is home to many cultures. The coming few years are the best time to migrate to Canada since it will allow influx of close to two hundred thousand skilled workers. There are many ways to immigrate to Canada of which the easiest is the Federal Express Entry Program (EEP) meant for skilled workers.

Migrate through the Express Entry Program

There are three categories as part of EEP – Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class.

The Federal Skilled Workers Program is the most popular way for Indians to settle in Canada. It is very easy to apply using the FSWP. One has to set up an online profile and prepare an Expression of Interest or EOI. Based on age, educational qualifications, work experience candidates are given a score according to the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. If an applicant scores above 67 they become a part of the EEP draw pool.

Every fortnight Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC holds a draw. Those who are successful in the draw are invited with the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for receiving permanent residency status. One requires a score of about 430 – 450 to be successful. After receiving ITA a candidate has about 90 days to apply for a PR visa.

Benefits of a PR visa of Canada

With help of a PR visa a person can be eligible for many benefits just as ordinary citizens of Canada
1.       Live and work in Canada. One can also enroll in one of its institutes for higher learning.
2.       Receive all benefits like access to the healthcare system and housing schemes.
3.       Receive protection under Canadian laws.
4.       Children of PR visa holders who are born in Canada are Canadian citizens by birth.


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