Benefits of Australian PR – Skilled Indian workers live in Australia a life of Abundance

Australia is a beautiful country to live, work and live in permanently. In recent decades, Australia has become an attractive destination for Indians due to its advanced economy and its health benefits and many benefits of Australian PR.

The Australian government has several options to apply for permanent residency in Australia. After obtaining a permanent residency permit in Australia, you would receive some important benefits similar to those of an Australian citizen.

Benefits of Australian PR visa

These are some essential benefits you would receive as a Australian permanent residency holder –
1.       Permanent residency status – You are made a permanent resident of Australia, which allows you and your family members to live, work and study permanently in Australia.

2.       Path to application for Australian citizenship – If you live as a permanent resident of Australia for at least four years, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

3.       Receive free medical care – The very important advantage of a permanent residency in Australia is the right to medical care. This system is administered by the government of Australia, which allows all permanent residents to benefit from free medical care. Thanks to this facility, you benefit from a free treatment in all public hospitals and a subsidy for medicines.

4.       Pursue various education options – Permanent residency in Australia allows you to freely follow the study program that interests you. You can choose between different options in relation to universities. The Australian government can also grant education loans to people with permanent residence in Australia.

5.       Receive same benefits as Australian citizens – A permanent resident of Australia receives various social security benefits, including free or subsidized health care, education, unemployment benefits, etc.

6.       Sponsor family members for visit to Australia – As a permanent resident of Australia, you can sponsor eligible family members to come to Australia.
7.       Citizenship by birth for children born in Australia – If you are a permanent resident of Australia, your children born in Australia will receive Australian citizenship at birth.


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