Australian pr from India – Discover New Career in a First World Economy

In last few decades Australia has become a very favorite destination for Indians seeking jobs abroad due to its well developed economy and free healthcare benefits. Many thousands of Indians are applying for and receiving Australian PR visa. Australia has a very simple and transparent system process of migration which is points based. If anyone scores more than 60 at the time of submission of Expression of Interest and their occupation has been listed by the government in Skilled Occupation List then they would succeed in receiving a permanent residence visa application.

PR visa in Australia

Skilled workers from India can select and apply to three types of Australia PR visa. These visas are issued by the government of Australia’s immigration department. 

·         Skilled Independent or Subclass 189 visa – The Subclass 189 visa is a type of independent visa and does not require any type of nomination from a state or employer in Australia. Most visas in this class get processed in 8 months time and some take a few months longer.

·         State Nominated or Subclass 190 visa – As the name suggests this type of PR visa is nominated by the state. To avail of this visa, you need to find nomination from Australian central government or territorial government. Large number of visas in this category are processed in 9 months while others may take up to a year.

·         Employer Nominated Visa or Subclass 186 visa – This is employer-sponsored Australian PR visa. To acquire this visa you need to secure a job offer from an Australian employer and then apply. The visas of this category are approved in 7 months but few will take longer.

Subclass 189 is the easiest to apply for since it does not require any nomination from government or employer. However, to qualify for this type of PR visa you must select an occupation from a skilled occupation list when filling out your Expression of Interest.


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